Monday, May 26, 2008

Reclaim Our Spaces Action Sat May 31st

This action is about reclaiming and queering our public spaces. This action is about providing a tribute to female queer role models of our local community that should be commemorated and celebrated. At the same time as challenging the normatives of public validation of hetrocentric privilege. Promoting queer visibility to the broader community and helping queers claim ownership of our city through the temporary action and the making of memories.

The public realm is ours too...

This action is also an application of the Toolkit also sited in the city however of a temporary nature (with remnant effects upon the landscape). This action/design has been a collective process.

Its happening this weekend! so would be great if people want to make a flag, put the flags up, or just attend your more than welcome. Flag making is from 12(venue yet to be confirmed, but if your interested contact us or watch out for update.), then we'll be on the Yarra Bridge at 3.
(post earlier diagrams out this process)

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