Friday, June 24, 2011

Project finished but never ending.

A nice fellow from The Design Observer Group emailed me today about an article that I may be interested in called "Queer Beacon". Written by an architect, Kian Goh, it looks at the challenges faced by LGBT youth in the gentrified West Village and historically queer spaces in New York.

I thought I should do a post on this blog to update on my since completed research project Queer Feminist Landscape Architecture. The project won two awards from RMIT University in Melbourne 2008. This was a great as a had spent a lot of the year in up hill battles with tutors who refused to critique the work unless I described to them what queer was! and how was I ever going to do that. So I told him whatever straight is, Queers not that.

The installations are grouped together according to what role, I, the designer was taking on while working with people. The backbone of Queerer design practice is really a collective design process. There where many ways which I responded to and worked with people. For example some installations I completed in response to discussions during collective meetings and others where completed by people while in site. The 3 main roles where student, facilitator and interpreter.

Most of the installations from the project are on my portfolio website.

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