Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mid Semester Critique - May

The past two months of this project have been dedicated in establishing what typology of queerer spaces currently exist. I have conducted mappings of queerer spaces that are created by the ideologies entwined in queerness such as feminism, anarchism, deconstructionism, subversions, DIY, performativity, gay and lesbianism and all those in between...

I researched precedents of queerer spaces under the vague typologies of symbolic, institutional, alternative(/queerer) and memorial.

This resulted in the creation of a Queerer Landscape Design Tool Kit. Memorial has become the framework as a testing ground for queerer design against the Tool Kit.
Following is the presentation which would usually be spoken to therefore it
lacks in text/explanations. So any questions/dialogue I would appreciate.
The next step of the project is to refine the terminology and the Tool Kit in order to critique Queerer Memorial 01. Then after tweaking potentially DIY collectively and do the design!


Jon Willis said...

As social analysts we always seem to fall into binaries, even when we're trying not to. The tree structures you se are fundamentally binary - it's a flaw in most mindmapping software. Look to Deleuze and Guatarri's A Thousand Plateaux for inspiration on rhizomic structures that queer the tree. Derrida would approve.

Marti Blue Fooks said...

Thank you for your comments, totally appreciate it your feedback... I will take on your advice and hope you continue to partake on this blog. External input has become fundamental to this project. cheers.